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collectively, we’ve traveled to over 25 countries on 5 continents, and none of it would’ve been possible if hostels didn’t exist. they’re perfect for budget-conscious people like us!

5 reasons we heart hostels

  1. hostels are more affordable- why spend money on lodging when all you do is play all day and crash at night?
  2. you can meet new people- hostels make it super easy to meet other folks. it’s not awkward at all to talk to a stranger and is, in fact, encouraged!
  3. community feeling-  many hostellers are up for meeting new friends and hanging out, creating a more community atmosphere.
  4. no frills place to stay- hostellers are about experience and don’t always need bells and whistles, just a safe, comfy bed to rest at night.
  5. hot tips- hostel staff know more about the best and cheapest food around and cool local spots that can’t be found anywhere else. you might also meet other people who have good tips about where to go and what their experience was like.

why do you love hostels? comment below!