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There are hotels in the area or another option might be a hostel by anaheim convention center.

Located just across from the world famous theme park. Disneyland Resort, it finally opened in July 1967.

Plan in advance

If you are a visitor at the convention center, finding the right place to stay could be a little complicated.

Therefore, check out some reservation apps to find a hostel by anaheim convention center to fit to your budget.

The trade shows

We have plenty of trade shows, exhibitions also fun activies inside of the center.

Get more free information by visiting the official site of the convention center 

Stay in a hostel by anaheim convention center or a hotel

The big different between one and another is the privacy of the rooms, think about your comfort and budget.

If you rather save some bucks and don´t mind sharing a room with a stranger.

Then, a hostel by anaheim convention center could be what you are looking for.