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Traveling on a budget is not easy, so I´m here to tell you some pleaces in the U.S where you can travel, have fun while taking care of the expenses and cost of the aventure.

Los Angeles, California

Easily one of the most photogenic cities to hail from the west coast, L.A. is a local and international favorite for many. Not only is the city and its sights awesome, but the energy you get from the people is pretty special too.

Orange County, California

The home for the happiest place on earth. Orange County, had to be part of the list. with it´s beatutiful beaches and places to visit. When thinking of a family trip, Disneyland is the number one choice. Close enought to Los Angeles, So many attractions inside and near by the O.C.

New York, New York

The concrete jungle where dreams are made of and pursued by people from every walk of life. The thing about traveling in New York is that doing it solo is unlikely, because it’s such a densely populated city, so you’re going to be surrounded by people everywhere you go. New York can easily break the bank, but not if you plan ahead.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Continuing with my love for the south, no city is more welcoming and fun to navigate solo than New ‘Ahhlins’. It’s a quirky city, with the French Quarter full of shops, churches, museums, art, and street musicians to add the perfect flair. From the French Quarter, you can walk to the Mississippi River for a surplus of tours in the area. There’s a Swamp and Plantation excursion where you can see old oak trees covered in Spanish moss that makes for some amazing photos.

Washington, D.C

This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the capital, because I consider it one of the best travel destinations for the independent and savvy traveler. I loved the downtown area and its surplus of galleries, gardens, and museums to peruse. You could ice-skate, hit up the many bars, and museum-hop the galleries and exhibits of the Smithsonian Institution (as they’re all free). It’s the political capital so don’t be surprised to engage in a few mentally-stimulating conversations with strangers.