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The idea of staying in  hostel vs hotel

The Cost

Price plays an important factor when choosing where to stay. That’s reason why new platforms such as Airbnb are a good resource for browsing prices around the area.

If I’m in town due to a business trip, picking a hotel room might be the right option. Paying extra means a little bit more of privacy and to some people, it’s worth the higher cost.

If you are a tourist in a new city where the only things you need is a good night sleep and access to a shower, defenetly consider to cut costs by booking a hostel.

The Amenities

HOTEL: Amenities play a huge role when choosing the righ places to stay at. Hotels provide more amenities for the price than hostels do. That is the reason why you are expected to pay a higher price  for your stay. Not only do you not have to share your room with other travelers, but most of the time, you can find amenities such as a gym or swimming pool,

HOSTEL: Are focus on providing amenities in more social ways. Instead of finding a gym or a pool in the property, there’s often a very nice gathering lounge or common bar area. Some hostels provide access to the kitchen so you can make your own meals and they are built around socialization between travelers.

The Guests

HOTEL: While staying at hotels I can only remember shaking hands with some businessmen and held the elevator doors for a struggling mothers with there children, but that’s about it. Actually, now that I think of it, 90% of my conversations have happened in an elevators or while waiting to check-out at hotel lobby, If you think about it, there is not much room for a deep and meaningful conversation.

HOSTELS: All I can say about hostelsI is. Man. I’ve met the most EXTRAORDINARY humans in the hostel common spaces. It is absolutely unreal. One hostel that comes to mind is the www.bamboohouseoc.com located in Orange County ,California.

For more information you should defenetly, check their reservation system.