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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is co-living?

our place is perfect for students, contract workers, and folks in OC to pursue their dreams! all rooms are furnished and come with a twin-size bed and bed linen.

more bang for your buck- everything is included in your stay: all utilities fast wifi, a bed, linens, and use of the kitchen. FREE cleaning of the shared, common areas!

we respect diversity and people’s space. we’re open to creating connections with each other and hope our house mates do the same. our goal is to design a relaxing environment with a sense of community.

if you feel like you’d fit in with our environment and vibe, please feel free to contact us!



What are your rates?

monthly rates are from $780 – $1000/mo total depending on size of the room and number of people

Is it safe?

in a word: yes! folks opt for co-living because it is affordable and has a community atmosphere. house mates are usually friendly and down-to-earth.

bamboo house is located in a safe neighborhood that’s easily accessible to major attractions, universities and offices.


are pets allowed?

we currently have 4 chickens. as of september 2019, we are no longer allowing more animals.


is alcohol or marijuana permitted?

no, alcohol, marijuana and drugs are NOT permitted- we will ask you to leave without a refund if you bring, keep, or consume it in the house or on the property.


are kids allowed?

because of the adult atmosphere, we do not recommend children staying here.


is co-living just for young people?

no, our place is for all ages! bamboo house is open to any respectful, open-minded, easy-going folks who like meeting other people and don’t mind sharing the kitchen, bathrooms and common areas of our house with other house mates.


can two people live in one room?

depends on the size of the room and both people have to qualify. if so, it’s an additional $100.00/mo for another person.


is there a curfew?

no, you can come in and out 24/7 but please be considerate of other people if you come in late.


do you serve meals?

no, sorry! we do have a kitchen where folks can cook though. kitchen hours are from 6:00am-10:00pm.


are there laundry facilities?

yes, we have a washer and dryer in-house and is free to use.


what is it like in a shared room?

we assign you a room. let us know if you have a special request.


how do i get to bamboo house?

from ARTIC transit station:

look for Artic – Dock 1

take the 50 bus towards Long Beach – Cal State Long Beach

get off at Katella at Clementine

walk to towards Harbor Blvd and cross the street to Porfino Inn & Suites

take the 43 bus towards Costa Mesa – 19th & Newport

get off at twintree and Harbor Blvd.

take a right at twintree

take a right on tamerlane dr.

we are the 7th building on the right side of the street

taxi/lift/uber ($$)

from sna airport, a taxi or uber ride will cost an average of $18, give or take a few depending on time of day

shuttle ($)

from lax or sna airport, you can take the disney resort express shuttle or supershuttle. reserve your spot online.


can i take a bus to disneyland or the convention center?

use the 43 bus a few steps from us off harbor blvd to get to disneyland, california adventure, and the convention center.

it’s $2 for one-way bus fare and $5 for all day transfers. you can purchase these on the bus and requires exact change.

you can also walk to harbor and chapman (1 block away) and catch the 543 bus, which skips several blocks and stops at katella and harbor.

the octa bus runs all over south orange county. you can check the schedules here.


how do i pay rent?

you can pay rent using Venmo, PayPal or by depositing cash into our bank account. we do not accept cash or checks. you are responsible for paying your rent on time and in full. late rent fee is $25.


what can i walk to near bamboo house?

our property is near some excellent local restaurants and shops:

  • target (groceries, toiletries, clothes, etc..): 7 minute walk
  • donut shop: 2 minute walk
  • café: 5-7 minute walk
  • mediterranean, american, mexican, thai, and japanese restaurants: 5-7 minute walk

is there a kitchen?

yes, just label your food with your name, and store it in the fridge or shelves. you may cook from 6:00am to 10:00pm.


What is bamboo house?

bamboo house is a co-living community featuring affordable, simply furnished private rooms, a communal kitchen, shared bathrooms and common areas. leases are 3 months with the option to renew or go month-to-month. 

housemates share the kitchen, communal areas and bathrooms. we invite folks from all over to rest their heads at our cozy communal space in the heart of orange county. we create a relaxing community vibe and a space that encourages housemates to gather to explore together or have a cross-cultural exchange with one another.

(no, we are not a sober living house or medical service facility. if you need help or special services, please check out orange county’s social services website here).

your stay includes a bed and linens, wifi, utilities, and use of laundry machines! there are three full bathrooms for all to share. the kitchen is open to use from 6:00am until 10:00pm.
we are social, but keep in mind that we are a shared space with quiet hours from 10:00pm to 8:00am- we would love to have you stay here, but we also understand that the environment isn’t right for everyone. please check out our house rules and faq page for more info.
students, travelers and contract workers from all over world have stayed at bamboo house and love the low-key vibe. this is your home away from home, the perfect spot to leave your worries behind!

is there ac?

yes, there’s AC in every room except the private room without the window (it has a fan).


do you have any requirements?

write us: provide a phone number and the best time to reach you and your email address. let us know:
– move in date
– how long you are looking to stay
– what you do

we’ll contact you and go from there. we run a credit/background check and check your financial information.

if all is good, you can move in!


is there parking?

free street parking is available or on-site parking is $100.00/mo if available.

make sure you read the signs for street sweeping. you are responsible for any tickets/tows incurred. bamboo house is not responsible for any damage or stolen property of your car.


do the private rooms have their own bathrooms?

no, everyone shares the 3 full bathrooms.


how old do i have to be to stay?

you must be at least 18 years of age to stay at bamboo house.


when can i move in?

any time there is availability. please contact us to inquire.


when do i need to move out?

mates need to give 30 days notice and move out by 3:00pm with all belongings.


how do i contact management?

bamboo house understands that folks are much more independent these days. we are in and out of the house, but are always a phone call or text away.


can i shower late?

yes! there’s no curfew for showering, just noise.



how close are you to popular landmarks?

pretty close!

  • 3 miles (4,8km)/13 minute drive/14 min bus ride to disneyland
  • 7 miles (2,8km)/5 minute drive/10 min bus ride to anaheim convention center and california adventure
  • 8 miles (4,5km)/8 minute drive/33 min bus ride to angel stadium
  • 7 miles (7,5km)/10 minute drive/50 min bus ride to honda center
  • 14 miles (23km)/30 min drive/1.5 hour bus ride to huntington beach (the pacific ocean)

what don’t you have?

funny question! we don’t have a tv in the common area and prefer to keep it that way. you’re free to bring your own to keep in your room, but please be mindful of the volume.


what are bamboo house’s house rules?

please read and observe community rules to ensure that everyone is comfortable and respectful of each other:


Quiet Hours: 10:00pm – 8:00am. Between from 10:00pm – 8:00am – please use library voices and headphones:)

Backyard is closed.

Laundry Hours: 8:00am – 8:00pm (last wash load)

No alcohol or marijuana is permitted

Daily cleaning includes the bathrooms and common areas (no cleaning on Sundays)

Only street parking is available. THERE IS NO PARKING in the driveway (dropping off things or groceries is okay).

Wash dishes/cups you use and clean up after yourself as soon as you are done cooking/eating. Wipe down tables and counters


Make sure you turn off the oven/stove/steamer after you have used it

Do not eat or drink inside the rooms, except for water

Do not leave any personal items in the bathroom or common areas. We will toss your toiletries out.

Do not leave your things out – lock up your important/valuable stuff. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS

Keep the area around your bed clean and tidy

For safety reasons, visitors are not allowed unless management gives permission. We will ask you and/or your guest to leave if this happens

Street sweeping is every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 8:00am to 4:00pm


*inconsiderate/disrespectful behavior that takes away from other house mates’ experience will not be tolerated- we will ask you to leave and you will not receive a refund.

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